Mo Bella Russo

I am a performative abstract expressionist painter based in Chicago.  I attended the University of Illinois at Chicago for Studio Art with a Minor in Psychology. I am an Educator both locally and internationally. I learn so much from my students, and teaching brings joy into my work! My life team includes husband Joel and 2 energetic children!
I observe people and make a painting based on what I "see" in them. Invisible Energy is in my mind when picking up my paintbrush and choosing specific paint colors, layered into an original ephemeral painting that is a collaboration between myself and the person sitting for me.
I engage with people within the context of Social Practice, learning from those who are different than me, I become fueled to learn more about their culture and the ways their experiences/pain have shaped them (like it has with myself).
Through my performance "A Piece of You" (Copyright pending) which premiered at the "Chicago Art Department" gallery, I stand on one side of the sculptural object and paint the person in front of me. I receive positive and significant insights about them through my painting which are all unique to them. I then wipe that painting away and the gift to them becomes the experience that they replay back in their memory. This is counter-cultural to our society's obsession with consumerism. It also signals to our common humanity because everyone is painted based on their invisible qualities.

Instagram: @mobellarusso

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